8 Common Mistakes you are making while cleaning your kitchen

Your kitchen is the most important space in your home. It is the place where everyone comes together to have food and spend quality time as a family. And even when you are cleaning your kitchen regularly, there are chances that you might be making these common mistakes. These small tips will help ensure that your kitchen stays germ-free and at the top of its game.

Not disinfecting properly
We usually tend to get rid of the cleaning process as soon as possible which often leads to this common mistake. When using a disinfectant, always read the instruction on the amount of time the product needs to sit on the surface in order to clean it. The disinfectant won’t work efficiently if you wipe it off too soon.

Overlooking handles and knobs
You might wonder where do the germs hangout in the kitchen? The handles of your appliances, doorknobs, and cabinet handles are touched by multiple hands and carry the maximum amount of germs and bacteria. Make sure to wipe these overlooked areas regularly.

Not cleaning the sink
Almost every raw food item like veggies, fruits, and meat, first visit the sink before coming to use. So don’t overlook the fact that your sink needs regular cleaning in order to stay germ-free. Make sure to wipe down the sides of the sink using mild soap and warm water after every dishwashing session.

Skipping garbage disposal
Ignoring garbage disposal is like inviting fungus and bacteria to your sink. If you look closely you can find little chunks of food left behind which requires your immediate attention and disposal. White vinegar and ice cubes is the perfect combo to clean the drain. Just pour the combo down the drain and turn on the processor until it’s clear and there you have it, a clean and fresh smelling sink.

Ignoring the stovetop
Let’s come to the heart of the kitchen. The stove is the place where a majority of your cooking takes place which means your stovetop gets dirty frequently. Burned and leftover food can make the stovetop greasy and dirty. Always clean your stovetop with a cleaner after every cooking session.

Not cleaning the reusable grocery bag
Maybe you never realized that your environment-friendly reusable grocery bags need cleaning. Studies show that reusable bags can accumulate harmful disease-causing bacteria. To clean them, flip them inside out and spray with a cleaning spray and then let them air dry. It’s best to not use your grocery bag for other purposes to prevent possible cross-contamination.

Improper cleaning of sponges
Sponge cleaning is a real thing and yet so many people ignore it. The very sponge that you use for cleaning might be spreading harmful bacteria in your kitchen. Studies show that there might be 320 million kinds of bacteria sitting on your cleaning sponge at a time. Make sure to microwave your wet sponge for 2 minutes before your cleaning session.

We understand that cleaning your kitchen can be a real task at times. That is why we at Open Arms Cleaning are always ready to lend you a helping hand with all your cleaning to-dos.

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